The Funnel section will allow you to customize the landing page your customers will be directed to when you request a review. Now that you’ve added a business, it’s time to customize the messaging, design, and setup of your landing page – what we refer to as the “Review Funnel”. You’ll learn how to customize the feel and content of your landing page to align with your business and campaign goals.

FYI: A “preview” of your landing page is visible on your screen. As you make changes in the Links, Content, and Setup tabs, you will see the changes live.


This section of your Funnel is responsible for linking your REVU4 account information to your business information. Here you can link your business location, select which third-party review sites you want to show up on your landing page, determine who you want to be notified of new reviews, and choose to include links to popular social media sites. Adding your business’ review site links are the first step to setting up your landing page.

Business Location Info

Linking your business location will automatically pull over information from the major review sites: Yelp, Google, Facebook, YP, Foursquare, Citysearch, and Judy’s Book. This is the first step to customizing your funnel.

To connect a business location, perform the following:

1. Connect a Location.

  • Navigate to Funnel > Links > Business Location Info and select the “Connect Location” button.
    • There is a “Convert to Multi-Location” button, but this feature is covered in a separate article.
    • If you are unable to locate your business this way, please contact the support desk.


This step is required in order for Google to report properly. If you are interested in seeing your reviews from Google, Connecting a Location must be completed.

2. Enter your business information.

  • Start typing your business name or physical address into the “Enter Business Name” field.
  • Select your business from the drop-down.
  • Select “Continue.”

3. Select your third party review sites.

  • Based on your business, REVU4 will auto load links to the major review sites. Un-check the boxes of unwanted or incorrect review sites.
  • Select “Continue.”

Your business address, phone number, timezone, and latitude/longitude will populate under the “Business Location Info” while the approved third-party review sites will show up under the “Review Site Listings.”


Your business may have multiple locations or entities. “Multi-Location” setup (business with more than one profession, branch, or location) is covered in a different article.

Review Site Listings are the different third party review sites that your business is featured on. REVU4 will automatically populate Google, Facebook, YP, Citysearch, Foursquare, and Yelp. You can manually add Review Site Links of your choice at any time from a list of 150+ REVU4 currently supports.

To manually add a review site listing, perform the following:

1. Select the “+ Add Listing Button.”

2. Select your review site listings.

  • If you don’t see your Review Site listed, you can add it via a custom link.
    • Scroll to the bottom of the Review Site list.
    • Select “Custom Link.”
    • Add a Link image, Link text, URL, and any Custom Instructions.

3. Add review site information.

  • Call-to-action URL: Copy/paste the URL of where you go to leave the review on the third-party website.
  • Review Monitoring URL: Copy/paste the URL of where the list of reviews is housed on the third-party website.


Some websites allow you to view reviews and post reviews from the same URL. If that is the case, only the call-to-action needs to be filled out. However, some sites require you to be on a different page for each. A good example of this is TripAdvisor – to leave a review you actually have to click away from the page where you can view the reviews. In this case, a separate URL is required in the call-to-action and the Review Monitoring fields.

You can re-order, make visible, edit, or delete any of the Review Site Listings you have linked simply by selecting the option from the right-hand side of the listing.

  • Reorder: Click and drag on the listing.
  • Toggle Visibility: Select the green check icon to toggle whether or not this review site shows up on your review funnel.
  • Edit: Select the pencil icon.
  • Delete: Select the red “x” icon.


You can choose to be notified when customers submit a review to any of the Review Site Listings you have added to your Review Funnel. To be notified of new reviews, enter your email address and click the +Add button. Remove email recipients by clicking the “x” button next to their email address you want removed.

If you would like your client to be notified of a review, navigate to the “Review Notification” section under Dashboard > Reviews > Settings.

Social Links

Social Links connect to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can add social links to the bottom of your review funnel by selecting “Show social media links” and entering in your social media URL shortname or handle.


There are three options available for how your social links will appear when customers visit your review funnel landing page. Depending on the option you choose, your social media links will be displayed as a static link bar, as a popup, or as a custom popup.

Social Link Bar

Social Link Bar is the default option. Your social media links will appear on the bottom of your review funnel landing page.


Social Pop-Up

A social media pop-up window opens when customers visit your review funnel landing page, with links to your social media site.


Custom Pop-Up

A pop-up window will appear when customers visit your review funnel landing page. You can customize the pop-up window with HTML.



The Content tab is where you will be able to customize the messaging of your landing page. You have the ability to; set when upset customers reach you via private message, attach an offer, and add a stream of customer reviews to the bottom of your landing page.

Message to All Visitors

This area will allow you to customize the messaging that appears on your landing page.


  • Header Field: this will insert a message into the header block, above your business name.
  • Message Box: this field will insert a message into the body of your landing page, below your business logo (if you have added one.)

Interaction Design

This area is where you can adjust the threshold, public review workflow, private feedback workflow, and button labels.


The Threshold is the algorithm that decides when to direct happy customers to your third party review listings and when to direct unhappy customers to your internal support team. The Threshold option currently defaults to “4 stars or more”. This means that all customers who select 4 stars or more will be directed to the review site links and customers who select “3 stars or less” to the customer feedback form.


Smart Auto-Direct 

With this option turned on, REVU4 will use available data to determine if a customer is logged into any of your preferred third-party review sites. If it detects that they are logged in, it will automatically direct them to the best possible destination to leave their review. For example, if a customer is logged into their Google account, and Google is listed as one of your third-party review sites, your customer will be directed to leave a Google review after choosing a rating.

Public Review Workflow

When customers choose a rating from your landing page they receive a default thank you message. You can edit these messages under the Public review request message block.


Private Feedback Workflow

When a dissatisfied customer selects a review score that falls below your threshold, they will be presented with a form to fill out that will direct them to your internal support team. You can adjust the messaging related to this private feedback through the Prompt Message, Private feedback request message, and form type.

FYI: Private feedback form submissions are not considered reviews and will not impact your Review Stream.

Prompt Messaging

This message prompts the customer to reach out to you before leaving a review. It appears at the bottom of your review site listings.


Private feedback request message

This message informs the customer that you are interested in resolving their concerns. It appears at the top of the private feedback request form.


Form Type

By default, REVU4 will apply a basic “contact form” to the private feedback form. You have the ability to customize this form by selecting “Custom” in the dropdown. Paste any custom HTML or Javascript into the “Custom HTML” block by selecting the <> button.

If you choose to use the basic contact form, you have the ability to adjust the thank you message that is displayed to the customer once the form has been filled out by typing into the “Private feedback form “thank you” message” block.


Button Labels

Button labels are the messages that show up when selecting each rating (one through five.) You can edit that text that appears beneath each option by typing a new phrase into each field.

Attach an Offer

In order to encourage customers to leave reviews for your site, REVU4 has the ability to add an offer to your landing page. To attach an offer to your page, check the “Attach an offer” box.

Caution: Any offers will be available to anyone who visits your landing page, regardless of whether they leave a review. Most review sites forbid the exchange of conditional compensation of any kind for reviews.

You have the ability to modify the messaging to convey what you are offering. You can insert a link into the description box that directs people to your offer, or attach your offer in a file. By adding an attachment, a “claim offer” button will appear.

Review Stream

REVU4 has the ability to display a live “stream” of the reviews that have been left by previous customers on the bottom of your landing page. You can activate this option by selecting the checkbox next to the “Show Review Stream” option.

Once this has been selected, you will have three display options:

  • Show Reviews: This option will show the last 10 reviews your business profile received.
  • Show Aggregate Rating: This option will tally your reviews from all of your review listings and show a “final rating”.
  • Use review’s last initial: This will show the first name and last initial of the person who left the rating for your business.


Contact info auto-fill

This box is checked by default. Customer information will auto-fill when they fill out the private message form.


The Setup tab where you are able to modify the look and feel of your landing page.

Branding & Design

  • Brand/Business Name: The name of your business profile. Modifying your brand/business name will affect all pages.
  • Shortname: The word that shows up at the end of your landing page URL representing your business.
  • Internal ID: An ID that can be assigned to the profile for internal (not REVU4) tagging purposes. The internal ID will not show up on any customer-facing pages.
  • Logo: An image representing your business. For best results, use a .png file that is 580x290px.
    • This means that any logo that’s wider than 580px or taller than 290px will be scaled down to fit into the slot.
  • Language: To change the language of your landing page to one of our supported languages, select a language from the dropdown. You also have the option of letting the customer choose their own language from the landing page by selecting the “show multilingual menu” option.
  • Brand Color: Brand colour applies to the colour of your landing page header. Click the box to change brand colour or type in your desired colour with an HTML colour code.
  • Change: Changes the landing page layout. Selecting “change” will show a window with additional options.
    • Direct Link Layouts: these layouts immediately displays your review site links. These links do not segment happy and unhappy customers by asking for a rating.
    • Segmentation Layouts: these layouts separate happy and unhappy customers based on the threshold settings you have applied.
  • Header Image: replaces your business name and text in the header portion of your landing page. For best results the image should:
    • 1024x138px (images outside of these dimensions will be resized to fit)
    • Less than 450kb
    • PNG, JPG, or GIF format
  • Custom CSS and Custom <head> HTML: Custom CSS and HTML is an advanced feature for those who have the in-house capacity.

Other Settings

This section contains additional settings that you can use to optimize the look and feel of your landing page.

  • Show “Powered by” link: this will allow to add or remove the Powered by REVU4 link at the bottom of your landing page.
    • Customer “Powered by” HTML (optional): You can edit the Powered by link using custom HTML.
  • Use CAPTCHA on forms: will allow you to use CAPTCHA to help prevent spam submissions.
  • Prevent search engine indexing: this will prevent your landing page from appearing in search results.
  • Custom Domain: REVU4 provides three options for your domain
    • None: this will use the default REVU4 domain for your landing page
    • Domain: this will use your domain URL
    • Subdomain: this will allow you to use a subdomain URL