How long does it take to set up my customer review account?

While robots and monkeys are great for simple, automated tasks, every customer feedback funnel is as unique as the business it’s designed for. We build every customer review app by hand to match your brand, include your specific survey questions and link to your online profiles.

This process depends on the number of other profiles in the queue, but we usually get it done within 24 hours.

What sort of feedback can I ask my customers for with REVU4?

REVU4 is designed to segment your customers’ sentiment towards your business.  We split happy from dissatisfied customers by asking a simple question – how did we do for you?

The answer for that can be shown as a star or heart rating (1-5), thumbs-up or thumbs-down, mood faces (happy, indifferent and sad) or using the Net Promoter Score (1 to 10) system.

You can also select to have customers provide a written testimonial or review and collect that feedback internally, before asking them to leave an online review.

How do I show testimonials on my website?

When you log into your REVU4 dashboard, you’ll find a single line of custom scripted code.

Copy that line of code and paste it in the HTML of any webpage you want to display your best reviews. After that, any approved positive comments and reviews will appear on your webpage in a neat little panel.

Still confused? Don’t worry – there’s a training video to show you exactly how to do it!