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Google Reviews Are More Important Than Ever

How do people decide which business to hire or buy from, especially when there similar businesses in your area offering the same thing as yours?

The majority will read online reviews and simply choose the business that seems the nicest.

Reviews become more important as people are doing more comparison shopping online.

A study from BrightLocal found that 85% of buyers trust an online Google review as much as personal recommendations.

If your competitors have better reviews than you, you’re losing business and revenue right now and don’t even know it!

Increase Your Positive Online Reviews AND Collect Valuable Customer Feedback

REVU4 Makes It Easy For Your Customers To Provide Immediate Feedback And Post Positive Reviews About Your Business!

Get Feedback Customer After The Sale

Uncover your customer’s pain points in minutes before they become a big problem for your business.

SMS & Email Messages To Get Great Reviews Quickly

Reach customers who enjoyed your service to leave feedback quickly and easily.

Stop Negative Reviews In Their Tracks

Our system ensures bad experiences are dealt with privately and confidentially, not publicized on review sites.

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Is REVU4 Right For Your Business?

Our system is perfect for any type of business…

Fitness Clubs
★ Yoga Studios 
★ Recreation Centers 

★ Restaurants 
★ Catering Companies 
★ Event Centres 

★ Contractors 
★ Plumbers 

 Health Food Stores 
★ Farmer Markets 
Grocery Stores  

Retail Shops 
★ Franchise Owners 

★ Landscapers 
★ Property Managers 

★ Salon and Spas 
★ Barber & Beauty Shops 

★ Taxi Companies 
★ Limousine Services 

★ Hotels and B&Bs 
★ Hospitality Services 

★ Auto Mechanics 
 Car Detailing Services 

★ Food Trucks 
★ Delivery Services 

★ Daycares & Pre Schools 
★ After School Programmes 

 Independent Growers 
★ Business Startups 

★ Bars & Pubs 
★ Social Event Facilities 

★ Retail Clothing Shops 
★ Second-Hand & Thrift Stores 

★ Coffee Shops 
 Bakeries & Cafes 

Not to mention…

★ Consultants ★ Real Estate Agents ★ Dentists ★ Music Groups ★ Walk-In Clinics ★ Car Rentals ★ Online Merchants ★ Charities and NFP Organizations ★ 

Just about any business or organization that deals with customers, clients or contacts!

Still Not Sure What REVU4 Will Do For Your Business?

Revu4 helps you to:

Remove the awkwardness of asking for reviews for both you and your customers.

Save time and resources trying to figure out a reliable process yourself.

Collect reviews on autopilot while respecting your customer’s privacy and time.

Automatically publish your positive reviews on your website with one line of code.

Earn Google Review stars to make your website stand out in search result pages.

Discover where and how you can improve your business and dominate your niche.

Boost your ranking and visibility in search engines.

Charge more for your product or service.

Become in-demand and choose your best customers or clients.

Build confidence and trust with potential customers quickly!

Given two products with similar ratings, consumers are more likely to buy the product with more reviews.

Psychological Science, 2017

Look… even A1 can’t compete with JRB for attention in the search results page!

Stop Guessing What Your Customers Need And Boost Your Online Reputation

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