51 Business Listing Sites and Directories for Local SEO

Getting listed on online business listing directories and sites is one of the most effective ways to boost your business performance on local search.

While having your own website remains crucial – as do traditional search engine optimization strategies like keyword research and link building – building and growing your online presence on local business directories and local listings sites can bring you closer to consumers who are looking for businesses nearby.

According to recent Local SEO studies:

  • 53 percent of searchers typically visit a business within 48 hours of performing a local search.
  • Photos (24 percent), reviews (21 percent), and position on local search engine results pages or SERPs (21 percent) are the three things considered (most important) by local searchers.
  • 57 percent of local searches happen on mobile or tablet devices.

Why Get Listed?

Planting your flags on multiple digital properties across the web helps you gain more visibility in local search. With greater visibility comes higher local search rankings, which, in turn, lead to more store visits and sales.

Each one of these digital properties – whether it’s a local business directory, an online review site, a social media site, or any other local listings service – offers your business a chance to get found online by consumers in key, ready-to-buy demographics.

That’s why it’s important to get listed on as many local listings sites and directories as possible. To make your job easier, we at REVU4 have compiled a list of the top business listing directories and sites you need to know for local SEO, along with a link to the page where you can find information on how to claim your business listing on each site.

General Business Directories and Local Listings

Healthcare Business Directories and Local Listings

Automotive Business Directories and Local Listings

Restaurants, Hotels, and Hospitality Business Directories and Local Listings

Real Estate Business Directories and Local Listings

Is your business listed on as many of these sites as possible? If so, you’re in a great position to improve your local SEO performance. Is there any local listings site or business directory that we missed? Let us know by leaving a comment at the bottom of the article.