Thank you, Garland!

I’m so excited! This is a BIG DAY!

Here I was, working away on an email newsletter for a cause-based community group I help with website development and marketing, head down and getting it done…


​A Google My Business notification!

​I have a new review!

​Wait… What?

​A 1-Star Review from Garland Berube


​So I click the link to read the review. It’s 5 words long…

​”lenmarshall is a scam company”

My first thought, of course, was “Huh?”

Then it hit me…​




​Look, I don’t know any Garland Berube. I’ve never done any work with anyone remotely close to that name.

​It would be easy to get upset, or angry, or bitter, or all of that, because of this obviously fake or desperate negative review.

​And that’s what I hear from my clients when this happens to them, too.  They’re hurt or frustrated because their business is very personal to them.

No one likes rejection. Especially from a random person who’s never had a connection to the business.

​But I followed my own advice that I give my clients:

​Take a breath, step back and look at this as a marketing opportunity!

​For whatever reason, this person decided to attack my business online.

Maybe they see me as a threatening competitor. That might only be the case if they only have one client and I’ve been talking to them.

Not likely.

Maybe he’s having a run of bad luck and can’t handle seeing other people doing well.

Hey, we’re all having bad days and good.

​Whatever the reason (I’m not going to waste much more time trying to figure it out) “Garland” has presented me with a gift.

A gift?

Oh, yes. a beautiful gift to my business and future clients.

Now, when someone finds my Google profile and reads my reviews, that 1-star review is going to stand out like a sore thumb.

People have enough sense to spot a fake review, which subconsciously adds validity and support to all of my 5-star reviews.

In addition to that, they’ll all read my response to “Garland​​,” which is a golden opportunity to cast my marketing message directly to people that are looking for help.

​It gives me an opportunity to show my personality, integrity and authority in my industry.

​It would be easy to push back and attack “Garland” for leaving an unjustified, fake review, but that would reflect poorly on the way I conduct myself and my business.

​Thank you, Garland Berube!​


Bad reviews are​ part of the game when it comes to having a successful business.

Building up your reviews and star rating can make a huge difference to if your potential customers contact you, or your competitor – especially for urgent purchase decisions like #plumbing, #restaurants, and #dental.

If you have happy customers but aren’t leaving the online reviews you’d like, I have a great solution for you.

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If your customer indicates they are happy, REVU4 asks them to leave a review online – anywhere from Google to Facebook to HomeStars to TripAdvisor.

But if your customer isn’t happy, REVU4 gives them a chance to send their feedback or complaints directly and privately to you via email, instead of posting a bad review online for everyone to see.

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